Sports Massage

Your sports massage practitioner will be able to help with:

  • Stretch muscle soft tissue. Much of the restriction in flexibility is usually due to muscle fibre and surrounding connective tissue imbalance. Rigorous massage application assists the tissue in becoming more pliable, separate holding adhesions, eliminate the effects of muscle spasm while maximising the limit of joint movement. Effective following heavy training sessions or where there is an inability to maximise performance
  • Improve formation of scar tissue following tears and injury or help breakdown scar tissue from old injuries thereby encouraging proper alignment with muscle fibres. For instance, helping with calf strains or chronic shoulder dysfunction
  • Reduce swelling and speed up healing following an acute injury, by allowing fluid built up in the tissues to be reabsorbed by the lymph and circulatory systems. Can be effective where limbs have been immobilised
  • Getting ready for competition, whether that be reducing stress and anxiety or stimulating an athlete physically and psychologically
  • Suggesting a training schedule to improve performance, which manages a gradual increase in body stresses to encourage tissue adaptation thereby allowing it to sustain a greater level of physical activity. If this is done too quickly or there isn’t sufficient recovery time, the required beneficial changes to the muscle doesn’t happen, instead inflammation can occur
  • Providing a therapeutic relationship which helps build confidence, a relaxed state and a greater sense of wellbeing.
Sports Massage & Deep Tissue Massage at Norfolk Clinic

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