What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy can tackle emotional and physical problems, whether stress or anxiety related or other issue. By helping you achieve a relaxed state, stress is naturally reduced and unwanted behaviours or beliefs can be addressed. Hypnosis within therapy (hypnotherapy) allows you to be in control of your situation. You're not 'asleep', you are focused. Based at our Norwich clinic I support you with a journey of relaxation, discovery and change. Find out how your mind can unlock your potential.


What can Hypnotherapy help with?

There are times when life can cause feelings of stress. Perhaps leading to having trouble sleeping.

Also things from the past can get in the way. Do you need help resolving any of those things? What about motivation for losing weight? Want help getting rid of a habit, or eliminating a phobia? Better manage anxiety (eg, anxiety management strategies). Feeling greater confidence, for example, during a performance or facing a challenge.


Hypnotherapy is therapeutic

Hypnotherapy is better understood as a rapid form of therapy in recent years, helping achieve what you want in the quickest time possible, compared to other therapies that take longer to achieve the same results. Let me reassure you here, you won't be clucking like a chicken or anything that you may have seen, as with a stage hypnotist.



Angie Giles, DIP, HIP, CS, GQHP, MCS acc.

hypnotherapy at the Norfolk Clinic Norwich

Next Steps...

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