What is herbal medicine

The use of plants as medicines is as old as the human species, and still represents the form of medicine that the majority of the inhabitants of our planet still use. It can treat both chronic (long term) and acute (short term illnesses. The approach of herbal medicine is to support the health and healing processes of the body rather than just mask the signs and symptoms of what is happening, in order to bring about a sustainable improvement in a patient’s health.


What happens at a consultation

Full details are taken of your illness. This includes any medication that you have been, or are on, the history to what has happened to you previously, and how you are currently feeling. If you have any letters from your GP or your consultant, or any blood or other test results, it is always worth bringing these along as they provide useful information in your herbal treatment protocol. Please also bring along full details of any medications that have been prescribed to you by your GP or the hospital. If you are not sure what to bring this can be discussed at your first appointment. Details are also taken of your lifestyle, as this can be significant in what is happening to you; your diet, level of physical activity, your job situation, and other things, can all impact on your health. From this information advice will be given as necessary regarding lifestyle changes, and a herbal formula specific to your situation will be formulated and dispensed. It is important to realise that treatment consists of a patient centred approach, rather than just treating signs and symptoms of disease; an illness always has a patient attached to it!


How is the medicine given?

Herbal medicines can be taken both internally and applied on the body, depending upon the individual circumstances. Medicines to be taken by mouth are usually in the form of tinctures (water/alcohol extractions), and sometimes as teas. External applications can include creams and oils. A typical dose of a tincture would be 5ml 3 times daily, although this may vary depending upon the circumstances at the time.


Who can use herbal medicine?

Herbal medicine is potentially suitable for everyone, from small infants through to the elderly.


Who long will treatment last?

This is an impossible question to answer until a patient’s individual circumstances have been thoroughly explored; some conditions may require some sort of maintenance treatment, whilst others can be full resolved. However, after an initial consultation and follow-up, it is usually possible to get patients on to monthly appointments fairly quickly. Generally speaking, some sort of improvement should be seen after 2-3 weeks.

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Next Steps...

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